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 The Wolfpack Welcome letter

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The Wolfpack Welcome letter Empty
PostSubject: The Wolfpack Welcome letter   The Wolfpack Welcome letter EmptyTue Jun 02, 2009 10:17 pm

Hello Wolf,

I would like to start out by saying, WELCOME TO THE WOLPACK FORUM!
Here you stand on a new level, WE ARE WOLVES and we act like it!

Now saying that I would like to tell you a little bit about our clan.

These are our Codes of Conduct,
1. First and foremost we Do Not shoot EIC unless they have a Red tag which means we are at War with them.
2. You are expected to help any Clan mate in need. You help them because they are going to be helping you when you are the one in need.
3. #2 goes for Allies as well. This does not mean you have to follow them around, it simply means if you are flying through a map searching for an enemy or an npc and you see an Allied player shooting something or being shot. Stop and Help them. Because the next time they see you in that situation they will stop and help you in return.
4. If you are hunting in an enemy map or in a battle map and you see an EIC being shot, you help them. Because again they will remember it the next time they see you being shot at.
5. You need to Respect your fellow Clan mates, Backgrounds vary among many of our players, Their past is exactly that the past. They were let into this clan by the same people that let you in. What happened in the past stays in the past, you act like a Wolf now, because if you don't, you will find yourself out of the pack.
6. When hunting with your Clan mates Don't be greedy with kills, Take turns or you will sour them from wanting to hunt with you.
7. DO NOT ASK FOR CREDITS! if you joined this clan to mooch credits leave now because you will not be satisfied.

If you can meet the Codes of Conduct then please proceed with this letter. If not, you know where the door is, don't let it hit you on the way out.

1. You MUST speak English fluently, if we can not communicate how can we function?
2. You Must download our chat program Teamspeak. It is available at you will need Teamspeak 3 Client EU. After it is downloaded contact The Clan Leader for registration. If we cant speak to each other how can we coordinate?
3. You must play two or more days a week. this is not a parking garage. It is understood when real life gets involved with game activity, in that situation you will post a message on the clan forum letting everyone know you will be gone.
4. You must register to the clan forum and post an introduction of yourself after your are activated. Check this forum everytime you log into dark orbit for new information. Here is the link also located on the information tab located in the clan section:

How clan credits work
In The Wolfpack 2 Level bonuses and sign on packages are given out according to the the level of the player. If you are in The Wolfpack 2 message your Pack Leader or your Clan Treasurer each time you level up to receive your bonus
In The Wolfpack Prime we run contests that are for all wolves to participate in. These contests help you better yourself as well as the clan. You must be in the clan for ONE month after a tax break and be off of probation before you qualify to participate in a clan contest.

Clan Hunts
If a there is a scheduled clan hunt posted in clan mail and you are unavailable to be online for it Please post a response to the message letting us know why so we can try to arrange a hunt when you can be online.
A Leader does not have to be on to start a hunt, you simply pick a person to lead the group and go hunt. the Leaders can not be on all the time.
When in a hunt you will be expected to stick with your pack, if you wonder off without the group leaders consent your on your own, we are a pack and we hunt as one
When going on a pack hunt do not go in expecting kills for yourself. Your there to help your mates a represent your clan, if you are on a quest speak with another wolf and he will help you complete it.

If you have a problem with a member from another clan do not kill them, take note of their name and their clan and send your clan diplomat a clan mail with a detailed description of what happened. There is no sense starting a war that can easily be resolved.

Game Chat
You are a Wolf and need to act like it, do NOT let us catch you being rude or obscene in the game chat if it happens you will be warned then the next time you will be clanless, which brings me to the two strike rule...

The Two Strike Rule
If you ask for credits, shoot EIC, Outbid an EIC or are seen Being disrespectful in chat you will receive a warning, if it happens again your gone, bad behavior will not be tolerated

Welcome to the Wolfpack


[Clan Leader] lvl 17 Basic Colonel
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The Wolfpack Welcome letter
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