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PostSubject: 411 on Cloaks   411 on Cloaks EmptyWed Jan 14, 2009 2:33 am

Why doesn't my cloaking device appear in my equipment?
This is not a bug! The cloaking device is activated upon purchase, and is a one use item - so it does not appear in your equipment list.

How long will the cloaking device last?
The cloaking device has no time limit - it is only deactivated when you open fire. Even if you are destroyed when cloaked, the device will still be active when you have repaired your ship.

How will I know if the cloaking device is active or not?
Your ship will appear faded on the space map, you will be invisible to others (allies and enemies alike) while the device is active.

Somebody shot me while I was cloaked, is this a bug?
It's not a bug. Cloaked ships are invisible on the space map, though can still be locked onto, and are visible on the radar map by all companies.

How can I detect a cloaked ship?
If you suspect there is a cloaked ship in the area, look for unusual movement on the radar map - NPCs usually travel slower, and not in a straight line. Then, move your cursor around the map - when it turns into a hand, it is over a cloaked ship and you can lock on.

I bought a cloak on the trade area, when will it become active?
As soon as the bid is completed, your cloak will be activated automatically.
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411 on Cloaks
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